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Goldi Chicken Chunks 18 x 360g Box R216.00 inc vat
Goldi Chicken Head and Feet 10 x 1kg Box R131.00 INC
Goldi Chicken Livers 10 x 1 Kg Box R362.00 incl
Goldi Chicken Necks 10 x 1kg Box R 249.00 incl
Goldi Chicken Thighs 5kg Box R223.00 INC
Goldi Chicken Wings 5kg Box R296.00 inc vat
Goldi Clean Chicken Feet 10 x 1kg Box R 297.00 INCL VAT
Goldi Crispy Chicken Breast Strips 3Kg Box R 246.00 incl
Goldi Filleted Chicken Breasts 2kg Box R 113.00 incl VAT
Goldi Flavoured Chicken Burgers 36 x 80g Box R 171.00 incl
Goldi Gizzards 10 x 1kg Box R332.00 incl
Goldi Gordon Bleu 3Kg Box R 281.00 Incl