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Angel Fish p/kg R41.00 inc vat
Baby Hake 5kg Box R210.00 incl
Calamari IQF 800g R 126.10 incl
Calamari Rings 125g R16.70 incl
Calamari Steaks 1.4Kg R151.90 INCL
Crab Sticks 800g R58.00 incl
Hake No 1 RDW P/KG
I & J Hake Fillets 4 and 6 - 5KG R399.00 INCL
I&J Battered Fillet Portions 54 x 100g Box R 391.60 incl
I&J Battered Fillet Portions 63 x 150g Box R672.60 incl
I&J Fish Cakes Case 2Kg Box R 109.70 incl