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Brazil Imported Bulk Feet 12kg R324.00 incl
Goldi 250g Liver Tubs 32x250g Box R294.00 incl
Goldi 800g Braai Pack Box R288.00 incl
Goldi Bulk Chicken Feet 10kg Box R249.00 INC
Goldi Catering Chicken Schnitzel 4 kG Box R327.00 incl
Goldi Catering W/M Nuggets 3 Kg Box R 217.00 incl
Goldi Chicken Chunks 18 x 360g Box R207.50 inc vat
Goldi Chicken Head and Feet 10 x 1kg Box R107.00 INC
Goldi Chicken Livers 10 x 1 Kg Box R356.00 incl
Goldi Chicken Necks 10 x 1kg Box R 249.00 incl
Goldi Chicken Thighs 5kg Box R223.00 INC
Goldi Chicken Wings 5kg Box R296.00 inc vat